Air blown fibre is a method of installing fibre cables that relies on the flow of compressed air easing the fibre all the way to its destination. The blowing theory is based on airflow acting as a carrier in the microduct. The air flows over the fibre at high speed and thus imparts no tension or stress on the fibre. The air and fibre are both fed into a small chamber (‘blowing head’) and along a polyethylene microduct that can be several hundred metres long. There is no 'plug' at the fibre's leading end that would fill the tube and respond to the air pressure and ‘pull’ the fibre along. This would cause fibre tension.

Instead, the air moves PAST the fibre at high speed and provides a gentle and stress-free drive at all points along the fibre. This means that the fibre needs no tensile reinforcement to survive stressful cable installation and it arrives at the customer end suffering no tension effects at all. Ideally suited to the access network or campus type environments a micro duct is installed and fibre only added when required, creating a fibre lean solution. Air blown fibre networks have the following benefits:
Future work can be executed simply and quickly. This allows our customers to upgrade or extend their network precisely in line with changing demands.


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