Block wiring, building Wiring, CW1308 telephone cable are all used to describe the older style of premises wiring that was used exclusively for telephone systems and extensions.

Our secure structured cabling service provides you with reliability and security for all applications. Cabling infrastructure helps to create an environment for delivering classified communications.We balance physical and technical security with performance and flexibility, to ensure your cabling meets the needs of your present and future ICT system requirements/demands.

Many office buildings are still operating with these legacy systems and cannot easily move onto structured cabling. Often messy and confusing for telephone engineers let a one building managers, we can upgrade, re-install, extend or fix existinginstallations. We can relocate Junction boxes if systems or buildings have to move or be demolished. We can supply install and maintain a telephone cabling system to suit any and all your requirements.

Many schools which are redeveloping their sites due to Government initiatives are having new building's and need to re-locate telephone services during the project works. We have the experience to deal with the building contractors and liaison with the carrier (usually BT). Internal or external, standard or armoured, Catenary or jell filled we can deal with your requirements.


Trust Data-Lec Ltd to design, install and maintain a network that will meet your organisation's current and future network requirements.

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