Change is inevitable in business as organisations grow, expand, and adapt to new market demands. Whether the changes involve moving staff or equipment, adding staff or device locations, technology deployments, or bandwidth increases, Data – Lec Limited can help with all your needs for moves, adds, and changes (MAC).

Our expert technicians will be deployed to your site(s) to move, upgrade, expand, or downsize any part of your voice and data network. Our friendly and professional specialists will work with you to orchestrate the MAC work and ensure any network infrastructure services occurs on time, within budget, and in accordance with industry codes and standards.

Examples of Moves, Adds & Changes work:

  • Adding or removing a workstation, kiosk, or digital display
  • Adding or moving wireless access points
  • Moving POS devices from one location to another
  • Change router/switch configurations
  • Technology deployment to upgrade system software
  • Reconfigure patch panels
  • Upgrade HSIA (high speed internet access) service
  • Adding or expanding a network cabinet
  • Re-cabling a network or upgrading to fibre optic cabling

In addition, if your network infrastructure services are becoming a little slow, in need of a new technology deployment, or a total overhaul, you may need some MAC work to improve your situation.

Data - Lec Limited will perform moves, adds, and changes or MAC work with little or no disruption to your operations and ensure 24×7 uptime for all your mission-critical systems. Our end-to-end MAC services will remove the worry and allow your organization to focus on what you do best. We have extensive experience in working with companies of all sizes, and we routinely perform MAC work for companies of all sizes.


Trust Data-Lec Ltd to design, install and maintain a network that will meet your organisation's current and future network requirements.

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