Obtain insight into your current cabling infrastructure:

  • Are your site schematics and patching schedules up to date?
  • Do you know the specifications of cabling installed?
  • Are you experiencing cabling problems at your site?
  • Does your network run slow?

To accommodate the wide-range of components required in data, server and voice environments there are a number of different shelving solutions. The Fixed Rack Mounted Shelf secured at 4-points (2 front, 2 rear) has a load capacity of 35 Kg and suits the majority of tower servers. The heavy-duty option offers a load capacity of up to 50kg to accommodate larger components. Where greater access is required, a Telescopic Shelf with 35kg load capacity offers a suitable alternative.

Do any of those scenarios sound familiar?
Data-Lec Limited can address all the above to suit your specific requirements.

Site audits can be undertaken to:

  • Update site plans with latest outlet locations and cable routes
  • Provide health checks of the cabling infrastructure to identify the specificationand standards met
  • Highlight problems and provide recommendations to rectify identified problems
  • Update or produce patching schedules
  • Complete cabinet administration
  • Upgrades of cable infrastructure

Trust Data-Lec Ltd to design, install and maintain a network that will meet your organisation's current and future network requirements.

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